288. Kā mēs varam pastāvēt kārdināšanās?

Kā ar otro bausli?

Monty Python interpretācija par otrā baušļa pārprastu lietošanu…

Official: Matthias, son of Deuteronomy of Gath …

Matthias: Do I say “Yes”?

Official’s Helper: Yes.

Matthias: Yes.

Official: You have been found guilty by the elders of the town of uttering the name of our Lord and so as a blasphemer you are to be stoned to death.

Matthias: Look, I’d had a lovely supper and all I said to my wife was, “That

Official: Blasphemy! He’s said it again.

Women: Yes, he did.

Official: Did you hear him?

Women: Yes we did. Really.

Official: Are there any women here today?

Official: Very well, by virtue of the authority vested in me …

Matthias: Ow. Lay off. We haven’t started yet.

Official: Come on, who threw that?
Who threw that stone? Come on.

Women: She did.
*He did.*
He. Him.

Culprit: Sorry, I thought we’d started.

Official: Go to the back.

Culprit: Oh dear.

Official: There’s always one, isn’t there? Now, where were we? …

Matthias: Look. I don’t think it ought to be blasphemy, just saying

Women: He said it again.
He said it again.

Official: You’re only making it worse for yourself.

Matthias: Making it worse? How can it be worse? Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah.

Official: I’m warning you. If you say “Jehovah” once more …
(He gasps at his error and claps his hand over his mouth. A stone
hits him on the side of the head. He reacts.)
Right! Who threw that?

Women: It was her.
It was *him*.
It was him.

Official: Was it you?

Culprit: Yes.

Official: All right.

Culprit: Well, you did say “Jehovah.”

Official: Stop that. Stop it, will you stop that. Now look, no one is to
stone anyone until I blow this whistle. *Even*…and I want to
make this absolutely clear…*even* if they *do* say “Jehovah.”

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4 atsauces par “Kā ar otro bausli?”

  1. gviclo:

    Šķiet, šis ir tas, ko sauc par “taisnīgu tiesu.”

  2. Roberto:

    Šķiet, šis ir tas, ko sauc par “II baušļa nepareizu izpratni.”

  3. talyc:

    …pat ja kāds teiktu: “JHWH”

  4. Roberto:


Lasi, domā un raksti*

Ienāc, lai rakstītu.